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Was estimated Szczesny 79 FIFA 1
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Titre: Was estimated Szczesny 79 FIFA 1
It's that time of year again when football fans and soccer players, to predict what the players expected to latest EA football game popular in the foot. It's always fun to guess what the players will be upgraded or downgraded because of their performance last season, so today we are going to predict what the rankings of every Arsenal player is FIFA 16.

We must begin with the three goalkeepers. David Ospina currently 77 rated player of buy FIFA 15 Coins, but because of his performance consistently, since he took over the number one shirt Szczesny, can "keeper of Colombia, get promoted between 78-80. Wojciech Szczesny Next. Szczesny, unfortunately, become one of the few players in this team Arsenal to get reduction of the Polish football goalkeeper 16. "I have been a team since he was a blunder of the game against Southampton, and is now used as the goalkeeper reserves the FA Cup.

Was estimated Szczesny 79 FIFA 15, but the hub can be reduced from 78 to 76 rated goalkeeper in soccer 16 Finally, we Emiliano Martinez, the goalkeeper, who is 21 years old, currently on loan to Rotherham, is rated low 63 rated goalkeeper in soccer, and it should not be a shock to see Argentina goalkeeper to keep his 63 guest next installment of the game, due to the sluggish performance of Arsenal this season.

Next, the defense and the first up is Laurent Koscienly. French-back may again be one of the best defensive team performance this season, cheap FIFA 15 Coins, was rated at an impressive defender of 82. Football 16, we can see Koscielny update the estimate Defender 83, it is unlikely that this change does not happen. Per Mertesacker is, unfortunately, a downgrade in class, and the major form of the German dropped dramatically because of his incredible season Arsenal's 2013/14 season, and World Cup winner made more errors than any defender Arsenal team this season.nsdkfnerk.

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