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The World of warcraft community site has bee
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Titre: The World of warcraft community site has bee
The World of warcraft community site has been updated with new information about the recently announced "WoW Tokens". Tokens can be bought with real world currency and resold in-game via the Auction House for gold. Purchasers of the tokens in game can then turn around and use them for subscription time and sellers can obtain gold through Blizzard-approved means.

The token system is currently live on the public test realm but will be moving onto live servers after the March 24th update. The token system will roll out on the Americas servers (including North america, Oceania, and Latin America) first, with other regions to follow. This will ensure that the system is working as intended prior to launching in other server clusters around the world.

According to the posted information, tokens will run $20, or equivalent in local currency, and can be sold in game via a region-wide exchange to maximize the number of potential buyers.

As the token system begins, Blizzard will set the gold price for purchasing a token based on several factors including regional in-game economies but will be striving to set a "fair and reasonable" price for tokens. After the initial roll out, the price will be determined by supply and demand according to each region's potential buyers / sellers.nsdkfnerk.

More info,
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